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Mike & Andrea
Mike & Andrea

Written by Andrea.

Convention says you need an about page.

And I agree because people want to know who the humans are behind a website.

So you show who you are as a person, which ultimately leads to a feeling of trust and makes readers more comfortable.

Which is good.

And you can already start to build a relationship with future clients. And this is good too.

But still, these very promising facts about about pages, unfortunately, don't make me want to write one.

I wouldn't say I don't like writing. I like it a lot. I like writing articles. I like writing programs, courses and this kind of stuff.

But the about page?

I suck.

So I came up with an idea

So I came up with an idea. I will use the Pixar Pitch to tell the story.

Have you ever heard about the Pixar Pitch?

If not, chances are you know Pixar Animation Studios through one of their animation movies. "Toy Story." Or "Finding Nemo." Or "WALL-E." Or "The Incredibles." And over a dozen others.

Pixar Animation Studios won an indecent amount of Academy Awards and made not millions but billions of dollars with animation movies.

If I had told these things to my grandmother, she would have looked at me with this look only grandmas give you. And then, she would have moved her head slowly to me and say (with a very soft tone in her voice):

"You are kidding your grandma, aren't you?"

But back to the Pixar thing.

It seems Pixar Animation Studios has a pretty good formula to make people want to hear & see what they produce.

And they have indeed.

Six parts need to go into a Pixar Pitch to make for a blockbuster, award-winning, and money-making plot.

Want to know what they are?

Of course, you want ...

Die Hard on a Bus or: Life is not all ADHD*

Here are the six parts:

Once upon a time there was _____. Every day _____. One day _____. Because of that _____. Because of that _____. Until finally _____.

And here we go ...

Once upon a time, a couple loved each other deeply but had many fights about how things should be in their business.

Every day new chaos seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

One day the man found out that he has adult ADHD, which he never thought possible.

Because of that, the couple changed the way they worked and communicated in business and their relationship.

Because of that, their business, relationship, and the mood became better and better.

Until finally, they decided to show other entrepreneurs how to grow their business (and ultimately get a better relationship because a stress-free business is a blockbuster in itself, right?).

*"Die Hard On A Bus" was the film "Speed" 's working title with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. I always wanted to use this phrase as a header. I think it fits nicely. Both titles.

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We not only tell stories that will make you want to hop on the next plane to visit us in Cyprus (where we live). We also have a cat (and cat pictures!).

And you will learn a ton of stuff that helps your business work as smoothly as ours.

Maybe better. But quicker as ours did for sure.

But wait - we were talking about animation. And a cat.

Where are the pictures?

The Man

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The Woman

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Dali (see the beard?)

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Where we live (Cyprus)

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