The magic ingredient to make ADHD tips work

make adhd tips work like magic

The way to make ADHD tips work is to change how you think about yourself as a person. Because that enables the power of motivation. If you are a business owner with ADHD, I’m sure you’ve already tried many of the tips and hacks that (are supposed to) help with our condition. I surely did.…

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How website visitors become clients: Three necessary elements

how website visitors become clients is much like traveling an unkown city

For website visitors to become clients, they need certain information. That is different information than someone with a non-binding look. If you do not provide this information, the potential client becomes someone who quickly clicks the “back button.” Let me illustrate this with an example: Imagine visiting a friend in a big city you have…

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ADHD and motivation: Why we get stuck

adhd and motivation

When you think of a new project or idea in your business, what happens? Chances are you are on fire. Or, more precisely – your neurons are. At least a little … you search the internet, find great inspiration, search more, are more on fire … But you still haven’t done anything. You haven’t moved…

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How to explain ADHD to someone without ADHD

explaining adhd

I still struggle to understand what is going on in my husband’s brain, who has ADHD. But I think that’s normal in a relationship lasting over 20 years 😉 Mike himself has a great explanation: “Imagine your head is a TV – but someone else is holding the remote control.” But at that time, I…

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Wabi-Sabi or: The Story behind this Website

mosaic or the story behind this website

It was a warm summer evening. I sat on my balcony with a glass of wine after work. I was relaxed and excited at the same time because I was waiting for Mike to call, that he was on his way home. I was excited because we had been crazy in love for six months.…

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Specialization or: How narrow does my niche have to be?


A marketing principle says: You need a niche to attract enough clients. Otherwise, you will fail. This applies in particular to consulting and coaching. And it is true, specialization is essential. Many business owners answer the question about their target clients with ALL. Sometimes followed by: Who needs it. This categorization is no help because…

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How to beat time-blindness in ADHD: My 5 component-strategy

time-blindness in adhd

When someone asks you, what ADHD looks like, you probably mention forgetfulness or time-blindness as typical traits. And you already know what’s next. You hear: Yeah, me too. (Hint: If you are one of those people saying this, please consider stopping it. It’s a conversation killer. And it’s wrong.) So, I asked Mike, the one…

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