Business Focus Framework

Free Video Course for Consultants & Service Providers who have a business - and ADHD

The Business Focus Framework

The shortcut to know the most important tasks in your business and to make sure, you're actually follow through. It takes 5 minutes to find out what to work on for the next 6 weeks.

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In this 4-part video series (together one-hour length), you learn ...

  • Video 2: The 5 pillars of a business. And how the knowledge helps you with what to focus on. (Hint: No more guesswork.)
  • The Business Focus Finder takes about 5 minutes to see where to focus. (Print it out and put it in front of you like I do, it makes it even easier to stay on track.)
  • Which two questions help us make the right business decisions.
  • Video 4: How to choose the suitable activities that support your goal. (Including a PDF with possibilities.)
  • How to "stimulate" your brain to stay on track, see progress (and make sure the last 5% of a project actually get DONE. Don't worry, no drugs 😉)
Andrea & Mike Lekies

Hello, we are Andrea & Mike Lekies.

We help Consultants & Service Providers who have a business - and ADHD. We help them systematize their services, generate more leads, close sales more easily, and straighten their business. So they experience more income, more freedom, and more professionalism.

The Business Focus Framework is the first step to show you how.

Achieve your business goals with more ease...