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The Discovery Questionnaire

The shortcut that helps you increase the closing rate of your sales conversations up to 84% without being pushy or salesy

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In this 8-page free report we show you...

  • Our exact 3-step strategy helps consultants and service providers sign more clients with less resistance. No more wasting time with bargain hunters, objections, or clients who do not suit you.
  • Step 2 shows our Describe-to-Expert approach, which reveals how you take the lead, establish yourself as an expert, and set the right course - in a few minutes.
  • Using the Discovery Questionnaire will show you how to sell without selling, so you have time to do what you are really good at.
  • The 6 types of questions you need to ask to find out if someone is a suitable client, and that will have your clients selling themselves on your offer, and not the other way around.
  • And much more...
Andrea & Mike Lekies

Hello, we are Andrea & Mike Lekies.

We help Consultants & Service Providers who have a business - and ADHD. We help them systematize their services, generate more leads, close sales more easily, and straighten their business. So they experience more income, more freedom, and more professionalism.

The Discovery QuestionnaireTM is the first step to show you how.

Make the dreams you have for your business (finally) come true ...