Free Workshop for Consultants & Service Providers who have a business - and ADHD

3 Keys to achieve more in one quarter than in the entire last year

Learn how successful entrepreneurs who have ADHD organize themselves and their calendar to grow their business - while still having a life.

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If you give us 90 minutes of your time, we'll show you

  • How a "lean" business model looks like, that supports the need of someone who has ADHD
  • Which principle helped us most, to double our income in a year. (Hint: It takes about 10 min. to implement and lasts for a year.)
  • The framework that helps us determine in minutes what to focus on in our business. (You can download it.)
  • The Matrix that helps you decide which of the many things you could work on actually is the best.
  • A simple template to help you plan your week, that is flexible enough for ADHD needs.
Andrea & Mike Lekies

Hello, we are Andrea & Mike Lekies

We help Consultants & Service Providers who have a business - and ADHD. We help them to systematize their services, generate more leads, close sales more easely, and straighten their business in such a way that they experience more income, more freedom, and more professionalism.

This workshop is the first step to show you how.

Achieve your business goals with more ease...