If you are here for the first time - Hello and welcome! We are glad to have you! This site is to show you around. If you are into ADHD, Business & how the two can fit together (even if you work with your spouse ;)) - you are in the right place!

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Working with Andrea & Mike 1:1.

We show you how to identify and implement ADHD-specific strategies that will help you unlock your potential and run your business with ease and efficiency. Please find out what working with us looks like. 

Or schedule what we call: Discover the Possibilities call.

Just email andrea@successfuladhdentrepreneur.com, write "Discover the Possibilities call" in the subject line (just cut & past it from above). You can only write: Let's talk ... or, you tell us a little bit about yourself. And I’ll send you a link to our automated scheduling system.

Free Resources.

There are three free frameworks for you, designed to make business - and your life much easier. And of course - they are made with love - and highly ADHD friendly 😉

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#1 - 3 Keys To Achieve More In A Quarter Than In The Entire Last Year

Learn how successful entrepreneurs who have ADHD organize themselves and their calendar to grow their business – while still having a life. Free workshop.

90 minutes that will make your business easier - and bring your stress level down.

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#2 - The Discovery Questionnaire

The free guide helps you increase the closing rate of your sales conversations up to 84% without being pushy or salesy.

If you ever wondered how to close more sales calls and conversations, here is your answer.

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#3 - Business Focus Framework (4-part video series)

The shortcut to know the most important tasks in your business and to make sure, you’re actually following through.

Our straightforward framework helps you answer this question in 10 - 15 minutes. After that, you know what is important to work on for the next 6 weeks.

Get it here. 

Blog Posts by Andrea & Mike

On our Blog, we write about how we nearly ruined our company before we knew about Mike's adult ADHD. (Of course, I had my fair share in that too.)

And what we did to build it up again, easier to manage and more successful than before. Which was less hard than we thought it would be when we "got" the important pieces of the ADHD-business puzzle right.

Well, who am I kidding ... it took years, tears, blood & swearing. Lots of swearing.

So! If you want to ride along with us - Andrea, Mike & Dali, our lovely Tuxedo-cat - and like to know about some of our successful (and less successful) trips - have a look:

Stop Chasing ADHD Hacks!

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